A Compass Box PSA: Did you know?

Compass Box Whisky Co. has a new Facebook fan page!


As you may know, the 3 Drunken Celts have a close affinity for John Glaser and his company, Compass Box. We met nearly 4 years ago now, and have been supporters of his efforts… and by supporters, I mean we not only drink his blends, but preach the quality of Compass Box to any and all who will listen! So, when given the opportunity, you KNOW we will do what we can to spread the word… so go check out their Facebook Fan Page now!

Sadly, it seems John won’t be at Whiskies of the World this year. Luckily, in his stead the brand ambassador, Robin Robinson, will be representing the team. I, for one, am looking forward to meeting Robin (as we have spoken via Facebook messages once or twice) and toasting a tipple to all who couldn’t make the event.

If you will be attending any of the events where Compass Box is making appearances, be sure to stop by and introduce yourselves to Robin (or John Glaser, or Chris Maybin, or any others representing the brand); let them know how you heard of them and that the 3 Drunken Celts say hello… after all, there ARE more than just 3 of us!

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  1. Thanks for all your support! Really appreciated. One other fine Compass Box representative to look out for is our Assistant Whiskymaker / Sorcerer’s apprentice, Gregg Glass, recently voted Young Whisky Ambassador of the Year at the World Whisky Awards in London. Coming to a tasting near you soon! Come say hello and share a CB whisky or 2 with us.
    Cheers, Chris.

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