Prop 317, who’s in?

I’m in…

The fine folks over at Guinness have come up with another “BRILLIANT!” marketing stunt. According to their official brew master (he was interviewed on KROQ’s morning show Friday last) they are getting 1,000,000 electronic signatures together by the 17th to present to the US congress petitioning to have St. Pat’s day made an official holiday. Well, anyone who’s dealt with a governmental employee lately knows they all could use a good booze day off. Hell, the rest of us could use an official day for “chosen family” to share a dram or five together.

I’ve signed on, if you’d like to as well the addy is: Seems like an effort right down our alley so to speak, so it looks like the 3DC is officially throwing our inconsiderable weight behind this one. Power to the people! Right?


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