The “Officially” Official Requirements for 3DC membership.

Hear ye, hear ye!

It is upon supreme declaration, constant questioning, and unanimous decision (highly rare for this group of misfit toys) that the 3 Drunken Celts do present the “officially” official Requirements for membership. The following is to be used by all 3DC members during any induction. This way neither Raz, Fergus, nor Seamus are compelled to be the only people inducting new members.

Following are the items by which any other members can induct new members:

Membership ‘requirements” to be presented to any new inductee:

1. The inductee must LIKE whiskey, whisky, or scotch.

2. There must be 3 members present to induct another member.

3. The inductee shall be offered 3 choices:
a. To drink the Laphroaig and become a member,
b. to opt out of the Laphroaig and choose to buy 10 bottles for the tasting a year away (This does not alleviate the initiate from rule 4) or,
c. to choose to decline membership into the illustrious 3 Drunken Celts party planning organization.

3.5 Each bottle should be minimum 500ml, preferably 750ml as to abide by the Random addendum: NO MINI BOTTLES.

4. When a new member is inducted and that new member chooses to drink, ALL 3DC members present must also drink or consequences will follow (namely induction into the order of the measured shot, which is a BAD thing. Just ask Cherries.).

5. It must be made clear to the initiate that there are no benefits what so ever to becoming a member, only consequences.

6. At the next tasting, any new member must bring one possibly two bottles of preferably higher quality whiskey/whisky/scotch.

7. Substitutions can be made to allow for only a single bottle to be brought. Confer with the membership on all substitutions.

7.5 Hardship can be claimed regarding the number of bottles to be brought. It is more important that you show up than what you bring.

8. Never forget the funny.

9. Leave your Politics at the door.

10. All new members should be pointed to so they may join the email list.

Lastly, also be warned that just because something has a name, that name doesn’t necessarily make it so, strictly speaking that is (eg: the “Wheel” of Scotch is in a box, and Snob’s “Corner” is in a round tent.) it would do you all well to get over it now.

So it has been said, so it is written, so it shall be done.

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