Call for Information on Melrose Rare Diamond Whiskey

I was recently contacted by an individual in search of some information about a particular bottle of Whiskey. If anyone has heard of a whiskey named “Melrose Rare, Diamond 12, Blended Whiskey”, please send off a note via the Contact link.

Unfortunately, the person requesting the information had a break-in last year. During the robbery, six bottles which had been his late father’s, were stolen. While we are certain this is no longer made or sold retail, the gent is trying to get an idea of its value.

Some of the details of the bottling can be seen in the two photos below:

Melrose and Company
Successors in Business to Records and Goldsborough
est’d. 1885

Melrose Rare Diamond Twelve
Blended Whiskey
Bottled by Melrose and Company, Aladdin, Fl.

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The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter the Third. The rise of the 3DC.

The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter the Third. The rise of the 3DC.

“And lo, Himself did bestow upon us the heavenly tome of whiskies, and it was good.”

This weekend started as few do: with a purchase of a ticket back in October 2007, setting my vacation date in stone. With work being as busy recently, and my travel up in the air (ha!) at times, preparation for the Whiskies of the World Exposition in San Francisco had been minimal at best. I packed my bag with my tickets, my tasting notebook, and my Whisky Bible, and headed to the airport.

This year was already going to be different from years prior; in this case we would be meeting a much larger number of 3DC in the city. That is to say, this year it would be substantially more people than Raz, Fergus, and me. All said, there were ten 3 Drunken Celts in attendance. The dynamic of the group would surely change…

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An Open Letter from John Glaser

Greetings to our Friends,

So I don’t normally get all political, and I never forward on chain letter shite and the like, especially as 3DC. You know the rule; “leave your politics at the door”, but even I have my limits.

The “right honorable” British politicians are attempting to enact legislation creating the term “Blended Malt Scotch Whisky”. Now, the dram they intent to use this term on is currently called a “Vatted Malt”. There is simply no reason to muddy the terminology by tossing “Blended” into something that is not actually a “Blend” under the current terminology. OK, so I’m not going to belabor this.

Long story short, John Glaser of Compass Box has asked us all to sign his petition requesting that they go stuff the new term someplace where the sun does not shine. John is a wise and great whiskey man who we, the founders of the 3DC, respect as a whiskey sage; so I am in turn asking the whiskey lovers I know to sign as well.

If you feel inclined to do so, here is the link to learn more:
(John’s original letter can be seen by clicking “Continue Reading” below…)
Yours in Scotch,

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