About the 3DC

The 3 Drunken Celts are set to change all that you know about whiskies… While we enjoy the dram for the dram’s sake, we hold closer to our hearts the camaraderie of friendships we have made because of our love for whiskey. Be it single malt Scotches, pure malt Ryes, or anything in between, we are devoted to proselytizing the good word of WHISKIES!

The 3 Drunken Celts’ site is designed to promote an appreciation of, discussion about, and consumption of good Whisky, Whiskey and Whiskies.

We aim to keep our members and guests apprized of the developments for the 3 Drunken Celts Whiskies tasting events as they are scheduled and foster open sharing of information as it relates to our collective love of whiskies. We believe you can never know too much about this wonderful dram, and have set up this site to help us all learn as much as we can!

The 3DC (as we are often affectionately referred to) are committed to furthering the appreciation of all whiskies and advancing the ideals as well as membership of the organization. Our membership currently spans multiple states and even at least one member based in Europe (if Fergus is to be believed).

Our mottos are: “Never Forget the Funny!” and “Leave Your Politics at the Door!” We strive to keep those ideas alive and well in all we do. Whether we are hosting a relaxed open tasting, or presenting a formal class in a seated tasting environment, we never take ourselves too seriously.

As Raphael Holinshed, writing in 1577 on this ancient beverage, says: “It sloweth age, it strengtheneth youth, it helpeth digestion, it cutteth flegme, it relisheth the harte, it lighteneth the mynd, it quickeneth the spirits, it cureth the hydropsie, it repelleth gravel . . . and trulie it is a sovereigne liquor if it be orderlie taken”.
I’d say that sums it up rather nicely…

Of course you can always take a gander at our “Rules” for “membership” here: https://www.3drunkencelts.com/news/3dc-news/the-officially-official-requirements-for-3dc-membership
And of course the main rules for the Grand Tasting every year are here: https://www.3drunkencelts.com/about-2/the-grand-tasting-rules