Ever wondered how the 3DC came into being?

Well wonder no more… now you can read up on the 3DC at the Caid Wiki:


An excerpt:

What’s in a Name?

Much discussion went on around the naming of this group. The logic of the three founding members went something like this: “We all have Celtic based personas so there should be some reference to that. There are three of us so that needs to be in there too. Some reference to drinking and the like should be in there as well.” Pretty simple really. It only seems complicated now that the membership roles have grown well beyond 100 so the logic, or lack there of, goes something like this: “We don’t want to keep changing the name do we? Nope” There you go. It should be noted that the 3DC never really were “3”. Without the indulgence and kind assistance of Siobhan and Magraig (Seamus’ and Raz’ kind ladies) none of this would have come to pass.