2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Greetings Whisky Lovers (or very lost people looking for Celtic gifts),
Rather than issue a single list of likely gifts for the whisky enthusiast in your life, I solicited our Glorious Godfathers for a small selection to combine into one list. I gave simple Guidelines:
• One or two bottles
• One whisky-related item
• One non-whisky item
If nothing else, this proved to be a very interesting sociological study. I will call out that no one followed the guidelines as given, and one has yet to respond; if he does I’ll add to the list.

*Note The links are to the parent company whenever possible. Many items are available at Amazon.com, large liquor stores, or other online retailers, but I tried not to link to 3rd party retailers if I could avoid it.*


One or two (or three) bottles:

Cardhu 12

One (or more) whisky-related product:

And maybe even one (or more) totally non-whisky thing:



  • Premium range bottle: Brenne 10 limited
    Full disclosure, I’ve not had it yet but I’m going to stand on what I know of Allison and recommend it anyway. Coming in at a mere $100, price wise it’s not really all that premium if you are used to scotch price points, but this is, technically a “non-scotch.” Just go with it and save the coins while living the high life.  http://drinkbrenne.com/brenne-announces-release-of-brenne-ten
  • Middle range bottle: Aberlour A’bunadh
    This is a damn fine dram. Even at only $70 it will impress just about anyone, and make a fine gift for your boss or father in law, without breaking the bank. http://www.aberlour.com/us/range/aberlour-abunadh/
  • Lower range bottle: “Just Don’t.”
    $20-35 bottles of whisky are for gett’n yer drunk on (preferably alone) not gifting. 😉 See below for budget conscious ideas.

Whisky Related Items:

  • For the literate set I’d recommend The Whisky Bible like I usually do because, well “Jim” (and because Jay already pimped Distilling Rob) At $15-25 depending on where you find it, it’s a steal: http://whiskybible.com/
  • Another option for the mixologist, budding or otherwise, on your list would be some proper bitters. For this I’d recommend some “Aromatic Coffee” bitters for their next Manhattan. At $16-20 bucks it won’t break the bank but is top notch as far as quality goes. Consider adding some “tools of the trade” to fluff up this budget friendly gift idea: The Mixing Glass Co. http://www.themixingglass.com/


As for a non booze related gift, why are you hanging out with this person? That’s the question.



Whisky Related

There are many to be found on the internet, and be they Orange or Green, any whisky lover would enjoy having a dram-a-day for this holiday season.







Whisky Related Items:

Non Whisky

Yes, it is corny, but your own time. Invite people to your home; cook them a meal, or share a drink and conversation. When the days are short and cold and dark, we are faced with our own mortality and crave human contact to counteract that. Give in to that craving; spend time with close friends and family.


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